26. Trade and other payables - Current
€ ('000) 2012 2011
Trade payables 860 432
Advance payments received 894 32
Accrued expenses 10,678 13,633
Other liabilities 787 1,172
Total 13,219 15,269
The maturity of trade payables is normal terms of trade and they don't include any debts due. Accrued expenses include accrued salaries and the social benefit expenses, and a clawback reserve of €6.4 million for the carried interest. The claw back reserve relates to the exit in 2007 from Real Estate I fund, when the total carried interest potential for the fund was estimated. The adequacy of the claw back reserve is is quarterly reviewed by the management.
Trade and other liabilities by currency at end of year
Trade and other liabilities Amount in foreign currency Amount in euros Proportion
EUR 12,059 91%
NOK 3,261 444 3%
SEK 6,153 716 6%